• Hot Starters

    • Ejjeh Omelette

      Ejjeh Omelette


      Lebanese omelet. It's made with eggs, parsley, onions, flour. This meatless dish can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

    • Arayes - Grilled Pita Sandwiches

      Arayes - Grilled Pita Sandwiches


      Arayes are grilled pita bread filled with minced meat, tomatoes, onions, parsley and melody of Lebanese spices.

    • Kibbeh Makli

      Kibbeh Makli


      Crushed wheat moistened and shaped, stuffed with minced lamb, onions, spices and deep fried.

    • Falafel



      Crushed chickpeas and onions, mixed with herbs and spices, fried and served with tahineh sauce and pitta bread.

      (V , Vegan)

    • Fool Madamas

      Fool Madamas


      Fava beans, cooked and mixed with chopped tomato, onions, parsley, lemon juice, garlic and herbs, topped with olive oil.

      (V )

    • Grilled Halloumi

      Grilled Halloumi


      Halloumi cheese sliced and grilled, garnished with herbs, served with pitta bread.

      (V )

    • Hummus Shawarma

      Hummus Shawarma


      Hummus dip topped with slices of grilled lamb garnished with parsley and pitta bread.

    • Sujok



      Spicy sausages (minced lamb) grilled on charcoal topped with fresh lemon juice.

    • Batata Harra

      Batata Harra


      Cold or hot. Cubes of potatoes, fried with fresh coriander and spicy peppers, garlic.

      (V , Vegan)

    • Cheese Bourak

      Cheese Bourak


      Pastry stuffed with the selection of Mediterranean cheese, parsley and herbs, fried.

      (V )

    • Fatayer



      Pastry stuffed with spinach, onions, pomegranate sauce.

      (V , Vegan)

    • Meat Bourak

      Meat Bourak


      Pastry stuffed with minced lamb, onions, herbs.